Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meddle East fast food journey

 Zouhrat in Damascus
Alexandrie lunch in kuwait
 The Arab girl arabic coffe
Break fast in Saida Lebanon

 my morning chinese tea
 Eating foul like an Egyptian
 Egyptian break fast
 Foul at belgium "pain Quotidien" in kuwait .
 Saidi tea , in kuwait

tea at the monastery -he syrian montains
 Saidi lunch

 Indian vedgy tali
 Turkish coffe in tukish
Indian tea

Since eating and drinking is what we do on every day bases , it shall has an important place in our life style .

Meddle East food is the grandfather of fast food but in hundred time healthier , tastier and cheaper than American junk food ! they literally invented the tray food . It is found all over the Mediterranean sea all the way to india .

Go for M. Easter food !

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