Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Z DESIGN .... life change ..... for FABULOUS future .

Dear every one .

I know it has been a loooooooog time since i did not give news . feel guilty : YES !

summary of the last 9 month ….

yes a new Baby is born again " Z DESIGN " my for ever company , I let Z.DESIGN sleep for 2 years , join DOMAIN , have fun building creating stuff , running collections and so on , but great projects that I was working on emerged again from the crises and VOILA back to work back to big projects , pure architecture , over sizes palaces ,interior design in LARGE Scales . this is what I always did and I'm happy to be back on track .

DOMAIN is in my heart , and still enjoying running around the factory form time to time ,for some orders , I'm a client now J . I will continue the blog under ZDESIGN soon . I'm soooo busy right now .

Cheers and see you sooooooon !


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