Monday, November 16, 2009

Introduction to the Syrian Market

Dear every one . it’s been a wile since I did not post anything . forgive me but Syria internet network block all access to blogs  . here I’m again in Kuwait after attending the exhibition one of the first of it kind . Syria still a timid market for beauty luxury and interior design . so new schools are opening to produce designers by hundreds... we need to wait and see 

In this post you will finally get to know some faces of DOMAIN .

Khaled Munkar one of the creator  of the company and his son Waleed munkar

Bilal is the light magician , working for syrian TV and theatre , he did the wonderful lighting of our booth  
Me , Manaf the most fun salesman in Domain and Waleed this are the new promising generation of our company 

And finally our GM Hussam Munkar and His cousin Hussam our chef carpenter in Syria . having fresh air on the balcony of our new show room in Damascus .... soon pictures will be posted . 


Love Your Homes said...

Bonjour Zelda,

great to hear from you.
Spectacular design in your part of the world, love the flourishing lines, it's kind of refreshing.

vicki archer said...

Lovely to meet your colleagues Zelda....xv

Zelda said...

I'm actually happy to speak about something happen in meddle east different than usual media sad reports . Syria is on a good way to open and compete with neighbors in terms of economy and industry , but most of all it's beautiful country full of culture and the BEST FOOD IN THE REGION !!