Friday, October 9, 2009

Jean Boggio for Franz

Jean Boggio is not only a friend since 20 years , he is maybe the most creative and poetique creature that I had the honor to meet in my life, this artist has not only endless imagination ,but he has such a unique style unbeatable , timeless , Boggio is that kind of artist that will mark his time like Picasso , Ruhlman, Chanel.
He had to face tremendous difficulties in the so "commercial fashion world of decoration "where being too special too creative does not please the "financial controller marketing manager investor what name it" who ,of course, know better than any artiste about what is art and reduce those so rare gifted people to slavery of selling curves "the leveling by the bottom " becoming ...standard to pleased the ' populis' .
Rare are those who believe on marching beside the track to really make a change , it take guts money , and a good dose of insanity to follow such way , but Jean proved over the years that he a constant dedicated genius that just need to be unbleached it was not such a big deal to believe in him !!. .
It is a Chinese investor who believed and financed Boggio for that absolute gorgeous collection , colors are just so vivid , quality never been so perfect , Boggio finally stand where he deserve to be .
Beside countless black black , white black with black booth at the exhibition , His booth was just a therapy of happiness and hops .


Viera said...

Good to see you back
Thanks for sharing love all that colours.

Mélanie said...

His work is gorgeous but you are right sometimes poeple don't see or don't buy what they should !!!

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

His work is fabulous! I love love the turquoise vase in the 4th pic.