Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The ethni chic

this is news paper !!!

yealow and red is looking good

Sorry but it was not easy to take some pictures because it is actually forbeiden ,


Paris Atelier said...

Oooh Zelda! These are amazing images. I love the Green room with the B;ack and the Yellow and Red as well. Beautiful!

viera said...

Yes I know they are soo strict about photos.
..ohh how I love red bamboo cupboards. I guess lots of bamboo is poping out again this season.
Hope I will find good suppliers.

Thank you so much for risking for us.

Elise said...

Hi, I absolutely love this post ! You have a great site here - thanks for sharing it ! It's all completely beautiful and perfect - so, best wishes to you...

vicki archer said...

Gorgeous pics Zelda...xv