Saturday, May 16, 2009

The 6 women lions ... a new challenging order


the paris apartment said...

Zelda, how do you do it all? I can't believe the pieces you create! We must do something together one day!

Zelda said...

hi dear
I'm not alone !!! we are a big factory 10 000 m2 and lots lots of fantastic craftsmen , carpenters , upholsters, carvers, painters, embroider, we also do our own passementerie and fabric collection in Italy .
so a console is not really a big deal .
we are doing all the weirdest order of the world ;-) for the weirdest countries to . we are well known for that .

you are welcome any time . Our prices are WAY much better than Europe " we live in paradise" the quality is our thing! no comparison with china or asia in general .
domain mail :
feel free to contact me .

Mélanie said...

What a beautiful creation . You have a very good team